Full Numerology Report (Birthday & Name analysis)

Personalized report covering your 5 major Chaldean charts, including birth date and names. Membership site and 200+ page report.

Numerology Soul Affirmations

Experience the dynamic force of these personalized numerology affirmations for manifesting your dreams and desires.

The Crystal Report: Heal Your Energies

Discover the healing power of crystals with our tailored Crystal Report, based on your birth date numbers.

Superdates 2024: Amplify Your Luck and Success

Boost your 2024 using the power of key numerological dates. Experience increased synchronicity, flow, and success in business and personal life.

Chaldean Numerology Beginners Course

Master Chaldean numerology with the worlds leading learning and software platform. Engaging video lessons, manuals, quizzes, and tools.

Numerologist PRO Software

Chart profiles, all 5 major charts, in-depth info, day and year charts, relationship and business tools, advanced quizzes, celebrity database.


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